Experience a one-on-one Angel Alchemy channeling session and get the answers you’ve been seeking.

Hi, I’m Corin Grillo, an Angel Healer, Teacher, Psychotherapist and Spiritual Instigator. I am here to help you get connected with your angels, heal, and get the answers to those big questions you’ve been asking like…..

• “What’s my life purpose?”
• “Where do I go now with my career?
• ”When will I find my soul-mate?”
• “How do I stop feeling stressed out and trapped?”

One of my team of ace Angel Alchemists will guide you through a 30 or 60 minute one-on-one session to help you break through your blocks, heal, and get your burning questions answered with the help of your angels.

About Your Session
We use a combination of channeling your guides and angels, clearing energy blocks, mediumship and oracle card readings over the phone to get the answers you’ve been seeking.

I’ve got a limited time introductory price for you:
$35 / 30 minute session
$60 / 1 hour session

Here are the Angel Alchemists you’ll be working with.
Get to know them better and find the right alchemist for your reading. These readings can be purchased through the payment buttons under each student’s name.

Become an Angel-Alchemist and rock your spiritual business.
The Angel Alchemy Academy begins another session this fall. Register today if you want me to keep you posted when the doors for this kick-ass intuitive healing training begins.

jaymie-post-150x150Jaymie Lopez Post

Location: Mexico

Deep in my heart, I always knew there was so much more to life. I held this constant idea deep inside my heart. There had to be a more fulfilling life waiting for me somewhere. A life that was full of magic and spirituality. A life that would, as crazy as it sounds, bring me back to life. It wasn’t until Corin arrived into my life that I found true meaning to the so called “life purpose”. I was introduced to my amazing POSSE that has been walking with me throughout this entire journey. This amazing POSSE helped me encounter my life purpose, overcome my financial burdens and most of all, it helped me reignite the passion within my soul. It would be my honor to walk this path with you.

“I think Jaymie’s natural intuition is an amazing strength. To help me in a way I didn’t realize at the time that I needed but afterwards it was obvious to me that I DID need it very much.  She communicated this easily and with great understanding and warmth.” ~ Paula Prickett

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Rangimarie Mahuika

Location:  Hamilton, New Zealand

I am a Reiki Master (teacher and practitioner), a certified Advanced Thetahealing practitioner, and a kick-ass Angel Alchemist! Although I have training in a range of amazing healing modalities, I describe myself as an energy intuitive and healing facilitator and in my sessions always focus on simply tuning in to your specific vibration and receiving the guidance and support you explicitly need. I describe what I do as helping people to have more love and light in their lives by helping them clear away the shit that’s weighing them down. I love working with Creator, the Angels, our Ancestors and anyone else who is willing and able to help us move forward in our lives with ease and joy. This is the work I am called to do and I am excited about the opportunity to help connect you with the magic and miracles the Angels are just waiting to bring into your life!

“Rangimarie has fierce skills!! She has helped me with physical and emotional ailments. She is a sweet soul with loving energy who can truly heal! Rangimarie is awe inspiring and I will continue to go back to Rangimarie for healing work.” ~ Moira

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moira-reed150Moira Reed

Location: Ohio, USA

Growing up I struggled with anxiety and depression. Looking back I drank too much to escape my feelings.  Going through my divorce, I had to do a lot of things out of my comfort zone. I had to take a good look at myself and deep down decide what was best for me.  Through it all I stopped hiding and I finally found my voice, and I want to help you do the same.  I’m a trained meditation teacher, master reiki practitioner and channeler.  I blend my energy work with my fierce intuitive skills.  I talk to your angels, guides, and deliver you messages that you need to hear to set your spirit free.

“Wow, Moira, wow.  I am blown away by my reading!  You truly gave me answers. You gave me peace and closure.  But most of all, you gave me the kick in the butt to re-create my life/future!!  Thank you, I am looking forward to my next session!!” ~ Brigid

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Andrea Holgersson

Location:  Stockholm, Sweden

I discovered my intuition after having my first child 17 years ago. Our journey took off from there and my genuine interest for my child and family’s wellness led me into the health and wellness field. I have been a body therapist for the last 14 years. Over the years I’ve been told what great healing I do. Before I never promoted my energy work because I didn’t feel I had any control over it, but now I have!!  Entering Corin’s Angel Alchemy Academy changed my life and my healing abilities took off! I now have full control and I’m proud to be calling my self an Angel Healer.

“Andrea is amazing at this. I always feel safe working with her, I feel like being in utero. She has so much to tell after 30 minutes of energy work. It was like turning leaf into a Life of light. Thank you Andrea for this moment of awakening!”

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Christy Warnick

Location:  Alabama, USA

I am a true believer in miracles and that anything is possible. I bring that energy and intention with me into each session along with what is for the highest and best good by connecting with the angels and all of the divine. It is my purpose to be a healer and teacher along with many other amazing things. That is why angel alchemy and being connected to the divine really resonates with me. My spiritual journey in this lifetime really started a few years ago and I have been learning and healing every day since my “wake up call”. I love helping to create and witness clearings, healings and miracles along with receiving messages and guidance from a place of love and light. There are many titles that I can use…Spiritual, Intuitive and Energy Healer or Light Worker, but witnessing others receive what it is that they need and want and for them to realize and become all that they truly are is a wonderful blessing for me.

“I loved my healing session with Christy! I could feel the energetic shift almost immediately. Afterwards, I was rather tired yet full of energy, feeling utterly calm, balanced, and grounded…with a sense of increased love and understanding for all. And for the first time in years, I felt whole and that I was back in my body.” ~ Kimberley

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Mel Palermo

Location:  Bergamo, Italy

I took a chance, made a change and created a miracle. Since that very first, each day is a miracle. I struggled almost my entire life with abandonment. Then I struggled with my divorce. But one day I was guided by a light and met who are now my best friends, the Angels. We aren’t alone in our daily battles. I’m an intuitive healer with a very gentle, loving and fun nature. I love working very closely with the archangels to bring about the perfect healing experience, tailor made to any individual’s needs.  Taking chances. Making changes. You are your own miracle.

“During the session, I was feeling a “door” unblocking my soul, I was feeling happy and relaxed, very enjoyable. Melissa touched all my weak points that were necessary to heal, and she did it with a wonderful talent, she has a strong presence and I could understand everything deeply and perfectly” ~ Ricardo

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Andac Hueber

Location:  Germany

I am an empath and have always been an empath, to a degree that I had forgotten about myself. Facing Cancer two years ago I found – with the help of Creator and the Angels – my way back to my inner child, my heart and soul. My life has changed drastically since then. Miracles happen and everyone has that endless power and magic within him or herself to change his/her life for the better. I am a pediatrician, I always wanted to be of service. Now, being an Angel Alchemist, I want to help you heal, find your way back to your heart, where unconditional love and an endless source of joy is waiting for you to be unleashed.

“Andac was loving and had clarity to messages to validate how to move forward. The healing was beautiful and I felt much lighter. The atmosphere was of love and light to bring healing and guidance.”

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Kelly Reginella

Location: Ontario, Canada

I started receiving messages from the angels when I was young. Even in the darkest times, I understood that I was never alone. By following my guidance and taking a leap of faith, I have created magic in my life. And I want you to feel that magic too! As an Angel Alchemist, Reiki Master Teacher and medium, I would like to help you create healing, self-confidence and self-empowerment to find your inner peace. Let me help you to embrace your challenges as opportunities to gain self awareness, insight and clarity. To promote healing and a sense of wholeness in order to be your fullest expression in your life. The sun does shine again!

“Kel is an incredible healer and channeler. I cannot believe the amount of messages that came through our first session. Needless to say I have been back and will continue to go back to Kel for healing and messages from my angels and deceased loved ones. She is a beautiful soul who is so comforting and who can truly heal physical and emotional pain. The messages that she receives from Spirit and the way she is able to so beautifully translate them is remarkable. I am just in awe of Kel!!” ~ Moira

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Zoe Henry

Location: Midlands, United Kingdom

I recently qualified as an archangel alchemists with Corin Grillo. I was guided to take this course and had no idea where it would take me. I have always been an empath attracting strangers to share their problems and worries with me and I seem to have the knack of helping people out. As a child I sensed a lot and had vibrations running through my body. It was scary. I also had out of body experiences and often during sleep watched myself from above and floated around the room. I am no longer afraid of the vibrations as I know this is energy from above and I use the energy to read people and to heal the chakras and blocks that can cause mental and physical pain. People fascinate me and to think I can now help them through Angel work and mediumship is so amazing. I have been truly blessed and am very grateful for this
I look forward to helping and healing you for your highest good and share Angel love with everyone I am lucky enough to work with.

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Sue Offerman

Location: North Dakota, United States

As a child I realized I was different and struggled to be accepted. I ‘knew’ things and even into my 30’s I could hear and physically ‘feel’ spirit. I destroyed my own self-esteem and self-confidence by not standing in my truth. Then I got sick and everything changed. I finally realized the only thing that was important was love. I knew that I needed to love myself first. I started praying. I listened to affirmations and motivational speakers. I found my intuition, although it was weak, and angels. My path was suddenly lit up and I knew it was going to be angels who would help me find my voice and personal power. I now stand proudly in my personal strength knowing that spreading love is part of what I am meant to do. My goal is show you that you are unconditionally loved and supported by Creator, angels and spirit, to bring peace and healing to you, and to clear and open your energy so that you can live to your full potential. I have practiced in oracle cards, healing modalities, energy clearing, channeling and mediumship. I am happy to be witness to your miracles.

“I felt a strong feeling of optimism, akin to opening a window and getting a gust of fresh air, which pushed me to pick up old projects I had felt blocked on. I was feeling sluggish and tired from an exhausting day previously and woke up after this session feeling relaxed and cleaned of anything negative that had been hanging on my mind. It has left me clear headed and confident.” ~ Erin

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Eunice Miranda

Location: California, United States

Since a child I have been very sensitive and empathic that I never knew what I was feelings since I was connecting to others peoples emotions at a deep level. I would also speak to Angels, Jesus, Mother Mary and several of God’s servants. I also had has a lot of lucid dreaming which would frighten me at core. I am no longer afraid of these vibrations as I know this energy is ego based. I use the energy to read people and to help clear blocks that can cause physical pain or worry. I can now help others by working with the Angels and Creator via several different modalities such as theta healing, channeling, chakra clearing, mediumship and angel card readings. I have been truly blessed and am very grateful for these opportunities to not only heal my own blocks, but now to be able to serve others to understand the power and magic that is inside our bodies at a cord level. I look forward to helping you for your highest and best good and share the love and light via our Creator and the Angels.

“I’m just very very grateful. I have a renewed sense of calm and excitement about my life. I don’t know what tomorrow brings but I’m not scared of it. I’m open to what’s to come and I feel like I’m now able to let my guard down and trust that the universe and my invisible posse support me. I’m excited to continue on my spiritual journey” ~ Mindy

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Jasmina Boycheva

Location: Oslo, Norway

I am here to help you find pure joy in your life. Joy is the key to success in all areas of your life. With a joyful heart, life flows easily and effortlessly and the days are full of deep magic. I take absolute delight in listening to the Divine realm and every time that I do I am truly and humbly thankful that the messages are so accurate, joyful and uplifting, and bring such a sense of peace, hope and relief to each individual. I am a Soul Reader, gentle and respectful. With me you will experience a pure joy and clarity with the Divine’s help. My special interests are relationships and healthy lifestyle.

“Jasmina has some awesome power working through her. She did a healing and I physically felt it for hours! The messages that came through her not only resonated with me but gave insight as to the direction I want to focus on.” ~ Sue

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Deb Pizzotti Benigno

Location: California, United States

All the trails & tribulations I’ve experienced through the decades, of this life-
they have brought me to who I am today. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, widow, wife to name a few. I feel blessed for what I’ve learned from all the lessons. They have shaped me into who I am today-a funny loving healer. I’ve read many books, taken courses to learn about energy healing and angels. The angels have always been present in my life-though at times I needed to be reminded. Angel Alchemy Academy has taught me other healing talents that now I practice-Channeling, oracle card reading, chakra clearing and theta. I’ve learned a beautiful tool box of techniques that will create your own blend of angel magic – made just for you!  I would be honored to work with you! Book it now.

“I just had an amazing experience with Deb Pizzotti Benigno from Corin’s Angel Alchemy Academy for my 30 minute Angel reading. Deb was on target with the information she shared with me and I was really blown away. I had a question I hadn’t really voiced to Deb, and she provided an answer without knowing she was answering the question. Feeling very blessed!! … Truly amazing. Thank You Deb and Thank You Angels!!!” ~ Leslie

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Mari Tere

Location: Mexico

I have been intuitive all my life, I just didn’t know it. The various episodes throughout my life led me to an amazingly wonderful journey that started more than 12 years ago. First a breathing class with a loving Indian Guru, after that Feng Shui, then Reiki Practitioner as well as Reconnective Healing. We all have a special tune within us that is the joy of our lives… I have found mine by serving as conduit of pure love for the Angels, Master Guides and loved ones.  Bilingual English-Spanish.

“She has a complete set of gifts that never stop surprising me. Her vision of the energetic situation I was going through was impressively accurate, her messages made me feel the peace and loving presence of the angels and her healing made me feel lighter, connected and in peace.” ~ Barbara

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Aurora Dowdy

Location: North Carolina, United States

I’m a licensed therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, spiritual coach, and metaphysician. My life has been a bit complex since childhood, many trials, and tribulations have been endured. I wouldn’t be the person I am today, if it wasn’t for all my experiences. The magical part of it all is that I was never alone; my invisible Spirit posse was there for me every step of the way (guiding, loving, nurturing me), just like they are there for you! The Angels, and Spirit rock my world on a daily basis, and they are all ready to rock yours too! I dare you to enter this magical world of endless possibilities!

“I felt reassurance from the Universe. Aurora made me feel safe, peaceful, and I could sense the positive energy that surrounded her. She went above, and beyond to provide the clearest channeled messages. She provided guidance in helping me understand what Divine, and the Angels had for me. Aurora’s strength helped me make connections on a spiritual level. I could sense her connection with positive higher powers even without being physically with her. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking guidance, healing, and wisdom.” ~ Diana

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Paulina Jelen

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

I initially took the “Angel Alchemy Academy” course for my own benefit as I felt something was missing in my life. I had closed down my psychic senses many years ago as they overwhelmed me and they were dismissed by others around me. Throughout this journey I have allowed my trust and senses to awaken slowly again. I never expected to totally fall in love with witnessing what impact the healings and messages have on people’s lives – not just my own – it totally amazes me every time! No one session is ever the same. I’m here to deliver the messages that you need and to create the space for a deep healing to take place. You have no idea how perfect you already are but I’m here to remind you ?!

“It’s been 2 days and it’s really weird :), my hunger/fire has been fired up again really acutely (which wasn’t happening since months or years) and I suddenly have my boundaries really clear. I stand IN myself. With no judgements or shame or guilt. I just am. Rooted. I have no problem in taking care of my needs before anyone else’s. Which is HUGE as I’m raised co-dependent! So YAY”  ~ Caroline

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Erika Reynaga

Location: Mexico

I am an Intuitive healer and Reiki practitioner whose special gift is centered at my heart. I am bilingual English and Spanish. For the majority of my life I have been depressed – it has not been easy. My awakening started with my mother’s passing, I had so many emotions and didn’t understand the reason for so many losses for so much pain, I asked my Angels for comfort and they gave me love and guided me through a journey of peace and self-knowledge. It was through my Guardian Angels that other Light beings showed themselves to me offering help and love. My Angelic team guided me through beliefs I didn’t believe were possible and showed me the truth. I understand the feelings of pain, frustration, abandonment, abuse and not being loved, as well as the feelings of unworthiness, never being good enough or being right. Fortunately, I was able to heal these feelings through my enlightenment, so I could forgive and heal my pain. The understanding that God is in everything, allowed me to love myself and this then allowed me to find my voice. I was able to find an inner peace and a new sense of freedom. If this resonates with you, I can assure you that you are not alone! Let me help guide you to the path of light.

“I was in a difficult situation at that time and wanted to seek clarity on how to unstuck myself, during that I first meeting with Erika , there was a sense of peace and tranquility about her which drew me to her. She was very kind and sincere, and soon I was sharing with her my problems and uncertainties. She connected with the angels gave me the messages that provided me with the clarity I needed. Erika has the special gift to see beyond what we can see, Her ability to interact with spirits was something I had not encountered before Apart from the necessary skills of being highly intuitive she is also empathetic, a great listener, and truly advocates and encourages healing in those who approach her, she is very generous light worker, going the extra mile if needed to make sure you heal, that is so comforting to know that she will not hold up anything. I’m so thankful our paths crossed and I will always treasure her ability to be a channel for others to seek knowledge and heal”  ~ Alejandra

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Toni Woods

Location: Napier, New Zealand

I have a background of 20 years’ experience of specialising as a nurse in Mental Health, Addictions and Acute Suicide bereavement. I went on to gain my Masters in Health Science and entered the Academic world in order to inspire the next generation of health professionals in Mental Health. My personal journey through this experience called life has however included my own struggles with depression, abuse, anxiety and eventually post-traumatic stress and addictions. Working with Corin over the last 9 months has brought amazing shifts in my life. What started as my own personal journey to find faith and healing has led to my heartfelt desire and calling to assist others to connect and heal as I have. Miracles really do happen. Sending champagne bubbles of unconditional love to all. Namaste.

“This experience was a gift from Heaven!!! Toni is very intuitive and her energy is pure Light and Love! During our session I could feel that energy, that love ….. And I got the Angels messages for me……. the most amazing thing is the Passion, the Enthusiasm, and the Commitment she puts in her work!!! Bravo!!!”

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Janine Brunetti

Location: New York, United States

I stumbled on Corin’s 7 Day Miracle Challenge because practicing gratitude and working with angels is what helped me start living the life of my dreams. I’m now ready to share my knowledge and experience with you so you can do the same. Knowing that the angels always have your back and practicing to strengthen your faith and being able to invoke them to live passionately with purpose is the name of the loving spirit game. Come angel party with me! Feel the shifts and learn how to go with the angelic flow! I promise you there’s light at the end of the tunnel… healing love and light.

“My healing session with Janine gave me great insight into what my life purpose is. I felt lighter and filled with joy after we were finished! I know my angels are with me!” ~ Anna

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Rea Takuira

Location: Perth, Western Australia

I am a natural born intuitive. Since childhood I have always seen into the other worlds, where I am guided and supported by spirit. My passion is to use my gifts to connect you to the person you were born to be by talking with guides and Angels. I love working with spirit to heal the heart, souls and minds of others so if you have found yourself here let me help you connect with your spirit.

“Rea is a healer who uses intuition to help her aide those who are broken or lost. Very accurate with her gift, I hope to work with Rea again in the future. She is an excellent testament to The Angel Alchemy program. Lovely caring woman and also very professional. The reading was truly a gift that I thank you for allowing me to receive.” ~ Tara

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Become an Angel-Alchemist and rock your spiritual business.
The Angel Alchemy Academy begins another session this fall. Register today if you want me to keep you posted when the doors for this kick-ass intuitive healing training begins.

Shelley-EslerShelley Esler

Location:  Illinois, USA

Shelley loves her energy work and healing but her passion is helping people connect to and see their Angels. The Angels messages are so full of love and the miracles she witnesses brings such joy to her heart!

OMG…OMG… you said you had a lot to tell me…thank you, thank you for connecting with me tonight. Our session totally blew me away…you are awesome girl…the Angels are correct…This girl is on fire…truly gifted and a blessing to have you in my life…Thank you. thank you. and thank you again…” ~ Grace

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Summer-SullivanDr. Summer Sullivan

Location: Florida, USA

We were all born with the potential to live a life radiant, strong and free. Once you realize your own personal power by connecting with spirit and your higher self, your dreams become your reality.  Through my background as a psychologist and a lover of all things Angel, I have developed a unique technique to guide individuals to connect with the healer within. During your session with me, I will connect with the Angels of Energy Healing as well as use my gifts of clairvoyance to provide you with intuitive messages helping you move towards the light and a life of inner peace.

“It was a mind blowing experience. Even though I was not expecting the messages she gave me they resonated with me so well with what I’ve been experiencing in the last few years and gave me some great messages related to my path and future. It was a wonderful gift” ~ Maria

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donna-stubenvollDonna Stubenvoll

Location: Michigan, USA

I have been in Corin’s amazing programs for about 11 months now and have learned so many fantastic techniques to help you heal.  Wether it’s to start out with cards to see what the Angels want you to know, or maybe I’ll channel to receive messages from the Angels – at times maybe a person that has passed on has a message for you that we can bring through. Or we may need to see what is blocking you from your goals and dreams and need to do some digging to help clear those through Theta and download you with some amazing downloads. Let’s work together to see what your needs are.


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christine-donnellyChristine Donnelly

Location:  Ontario, Canada

Hello, my name is Christine Donnelly.  I have loved the angels for many years now, but it wasn’t until the last two years that I started really working with them.  I have received my level I training in Reiki, and have taken a few other angel courses with Corin and Doreen Virtue. I love working with the angels for healings, and channelling . But my passion is slowly becoming working with Creator during Theta Healings.

“Her strength is her intuition, she is also very good at connecting and making a person feel safe and calm, while also being relatable. I am not sure how much information came from the cards and how much was simple intuition or reading the person, either way she is a beautiful healer.” ~ Kim

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chantal-harrisChantal Harris

Location: Victoria, Australia

I have been applying intuitive counseling and healing my whole life.  I love being able to connect with your Angels or Guides to help you through life’s struggles, or to give you clarity and direction in areas of you life you feel you need help.  My strongest ability is Claircognizance or ‘clear knowing’ and information also comes to me through channeled messages from your Angels, Guides or loved ones and family members who have passed over.  I like to call it Counseling with Spirit!

“Her channeling messages were so intuitive! I was blown away! … Chantal is such a talented spiritual healer. In addition to sharing with me intuitive messages and helping me apply these messages and insights, her overall energy and personality are so engaging and awesome I love speaking with her.” ~ Summer

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cari-bream-150x150Cari Bream

Location: California, USA

I am a intuitive and clear channel for spirit, bringing messages of light from the angels, guides, your higher self and your ancestors. I am passionate about helping you feel more joy and relief from pain and suffering, while living in greater alignment with your true self and your fullest potential. My intention is for you to get the answers you are seeking, and leave our session feeling lighter, brighter and more fully alive. I lovingly use a variety of energy healing techniques, including Theta Healing, channeling, chakra clearing, mediumship and angel card readings. I hold a BA in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology and a MA in Holistic Health Education. I am a certified Theta Healer, completing both Theta healing Basic and Advanced courses, and am currently enrolled in the Angel Alchemy course, taught by Corin Grillo.

“I felt like the chains of stress and worry had loosened and dropped off after my session with Cari. I will be seeking her for future readings. I was nearly giddy after the theta downloads, that was a wonderful way to ‘leave’ the session! Thanks Cari – you are loved!” ~ Karen, Chicago

“Cari’s healing was so profound it brought me to tears. This was so unexpected and so healing. I am full of gratitude for having experienced this healing with her. I feel more in alignment with my true self. THANK YOU!!! xoxo” ~ Stephanie, Canada

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lynell-jessenLynell Jessen

Location: South Dakota, USA

I am a 45 year old mother of 5 boys. And a Gammy of 4 grandchildren. I have been through so much in my life that I could write a best selling book. My experience through the years has brought me to where I am today. Being an Intuitive Angel Alchemist has been the most awe inspiring, spiritual, and healing thing I have every done. I look forward to showing you how to become your own power source with God Our Creator of All That Is and His Band of Angels.

“Lynell Marie definitely has a very special gift. Combine that with great people skills and a good sense of humor – and I’d highly recommend her to anybody who is looking to work with the Angels.” ~ Dorthe

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laurena-yurkowskiLaurena Yurkowski

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

I have been doing Reiki healing for the past 5 years and through the Angel Alchemy Academy has developed my intuitive skills to add to my healing work. I love while working with people, how the Angels come through to help my clients through emotional healing, provide deeper understanding of any physical pain that they may have and always bring forth a message that the client may be too shy to ask.

“The greatest change was my heart chakra which I had felt was closed, Laurena identified and cut a heart cord, since the healing I have felt lighter in my chest and safer in developing more intimate relationships – This was something I have not felt safe even starting with for a very long time….since experiencing flashbacks and PTSD. I was also able to very honestly with my therapist able to identify and discuss some feelings I had been keeping to myself. Laurena had worked with my throat chakra and encouraged me it was safe to speak my truth. I came away from the healing feeling ready to take the next steps in my spiritual and life journey and felt a new gained sense of “rightness” about my journey and my safety while on it” ~ Toni

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jackie-robertsJackie Roberts

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Hi, my name is Jackie Roberts I have been providing intuitive readings, chakra balancing and energy healings for the body, mind and spirit for 15 years. I look forward to connecting with you, your spirits and guides to support your journey.  Love and Light!

“She was insightful to receive messages from my angels while also digging and doing the Theta work. She gave me downloads that just felt so right and resonated deeply with me – even unexpected ones I just loved and took as a bonus!” ~ Sarah

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valerie-hommezValerie Hommez

Location: Spain

I am Valerie, a French speaking Intuitive Healer living in Spain; I channel all messages that your guardian angel & spirit teams want you to know to guide you on your journey & life. I clear your energy & give Angel Oracle Readings. Be ready for the party! I speak French, English and Spanish.

“Valerie saw things in me that she would have never known as we don’t know each other. It was a pleasure working with Valerie, she is quite gifted.  When I was done, I was ready to take over the world and was able to let go of a lot of things that were holding me back. A true pleasure working with her!” ~ Mirna

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tracy-reisTracy Reis

Location:  North Dakota, USA

Hi! I am Tracy Reis. I am from North Dakota. I am an angel Alchemist in Corin’s group and I have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn how to work with the angels. I am an angel intuitive, certified angel card reader, Basic LOA practitioner, Reiki Level 1 practitioner.  Energy work is my passion and I absolutely love working with the angels to help with healing people and doing angel card readings along with channeling messages from the angels.  I look forward to connecting with you and rocking Angel Magic.

“Tracy was super comfortable to work with! Tracy was able to pick up on certain issues I was having both mentally and physically without telling her and was able to release me from it! It was crazy!!! I would highly recommend Tracy to everyone! She was very professional but yet her sense of humor made me feel comfortable with ease. I learned a lot tonight about myself and I’m definitely excited for my future now!” ~ Roseanna

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