“I had no idea how much my life would transform after a 30 minute energy healing with Corin. The last two years have been like jumping onto a magic carpet ride. It has been extraordinary, awe inspiring, and most of all heart opening. I will always be grateful for my decision to sign up for that energy healing. I recommend working with Corin if you are ready to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you and want to experience vitality and joy instead.”

– Demetria Manuselis

I can’t tell you how much my life has changed since I was guided to work with Corin. It seems that each class I take, each lesson she shares with us, each process I learn and each experience touches me more and more deeply. I find myself feeling so connected to the Angels that are all around me. I have always believed in them and knew they would be with me when I asked for their assistance, but what I am now experiencing is a very real, personal relationship with them. I FEEL them around me and am starting to receive more messages without doubting that they are truly coming from my Angels. I feel myself healing at deep levels. Thank you so, so much for helping me connect to my Angels and for allowing those of us who are learning to do this with you to have faith in ourselves and to spread our own wings and fly!!!!

– Debbie Coffin

“Training with Corin has been the most important choice of my life. I left her training feeling filled with magic and empowered in my healing and intuitive abilities for myself and in service to others. Can’t wait for the next training!”

– Cari, Walnut Creek, Ca.

“Corin is everything one wants from a teacher. She is a gifted healer, teacher, and storyteller. She is also funny, wise, compassionate, and full of life and vigor. Training with her was an amazing discovery of who we are as human beings on a deep level.”

– Batsheva Rotem, LMFT Walnut Creek

Corin, your gift, your wisdom and your unwavering faith have shifted, altered, shaken & HEALED so many pieces of me. Thank you for gifting me the faith in myself that I too, have to ability to be of service to not only the beautiful people of the world, but the creatures, the Earth & beyond.
Gratitude, inspiration, freedom, unconditional love and peace.

– Kara Potts

Corin is an incredibly special, wildly talented, wise, and hilarious licensed therapist, energy healer, and trainer. Since working with Corin, life has come to feel much more fun, lighter and more magical. I’ve always had a lot of empathy and I used to feel very responsible for uplifting people. It felt like heavy lifting and could get very daunting. Now I get to be there for people in a whole new way, in a way that helps me focus on their perfect health regardless of any physical, mental, or life challenges. Beyond that, I feel more balance in my life. No longer resentful for giving more than I receive, I now get to receive love and support with less attachment and expectations of others. Even nicer, I’ve been noticing that I receive great support from friends and my spouse! It all makes me smile, and I feel grateful to these people, Corin, to the Angels and the other energies in the Universe!”

– Joanna Montes